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Welcome to Ohio River Group
A Unitarian Universalist Ministers' Study Group

Welcome to the Ohio River Group (ORG), a Unitarian Universalist Ministers' Study Group.  The ORG meets annually in the fall in the Ohio River area.  Our current meeting location is the Transfirguration Spirituality Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The purpose of the ORG is to study thought as it affects religion, religious experience, the church, in any relevant aspect: science, philosophy, political science, history and any other. It has a special interest in worship and the church and its ministry.

ORG, originally called "Prairie Group East," was founded in 1990 as a spin-off of another UU ministers' study group, Prairie Group.

A minister may contact the scribe to make arrangements to attend and will be welcome one time as a visitor. The following year, if there is an opening, s/he may then choose to become a member and share in the privileges and responsibilities or membership.  Membership in the ORG is open to all ministers affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, interns/students for the UU ministry, and ministers serving Unitarian Universalist churches.* Group membership is limited to thirty-five.  First priority for registrations will be given to current members.

* Our by-laws are currently under review, including this set of criteria.