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Past Topics




2017 - Resistance and Resilience
           “Some Ways to Save the World -- Collectively, Systemically, and Sustainably (and How 
                Unitarian Universalists Might Do Better)" by Jennie Barrington
                     Response: Gordon Gibson
           “Sheep and Goats May Safely Graze: Universalism for the 21st Century” by Susan Smith
                     Response: Eric Meter
             “Black and White at the Crossroad” by Deane Oliva
                     Response: Lane Campbell
           “A Few Short Takes and a Lot of Conversation
               Resilience as Resistance: A Conversation About Current Efforts"
                     Moderator: Chip Roush

2016 - Dystopia and Faith
           “Faith Depictions in Dystopian Literature” by Cynthia L. Landrum
                     Response: Brian Chenowith
           “What Does It Mean to Be Human in a Dystopian World” by Roger Brewin
                     Response: Mitra Jafarzadeh
             “Our Present World as Dystopia” by Scott Prinster
                     Response: Chip Roush
           “Dystopia and Its Implications for Unitarian Universalism” by Karen Quinlan (Armina)
                     Response: Bruce Johnson

2015 - UU Theologies of Sin and Hope
           "How have sin and hope figured in the history of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian
                  Universalist theologies?" by Linda Anderson

                     Response: Kathryn Bert
           "How does Process Theology inform Unitarian Universalist theology regarding
                sin and hope?" by Yvonne Schumacher Strejcek

                     Response: Karen Quinlan
             "How do sin and hope figure in current Unitarian Universalist theology” by Holis Huston
                     Response: Sharon Dittmar
           "How do Unitarian Universalists articulate and teach about sin and hope as part of
                   lifespan faith development?"” by Julie-Ann Silberman-Bunn

                     Response: Dennis McCarty
2014 - Race
           We'll Build A Land: The Invention of 'Race' as a Tool of Empire" by Michael Tino
                     Response: Barbara Child
           "When Beloved Community Calls" Lisa Friedman
                     Response: Julie-Ann Silbermann-Bunn
           “Go Tell it on the Mountain-- But How Do You Get to the Mountain?” by Gordon Gibson
                     Response: Emily Gage
           "Glimmers of Hope" by Lisa Presley
                     Response: Dawn Skjei Cooley
           "Ferguson Worship Collection"
2013 - Art & Religion
           “The Visual and 10,000 Words” by Emmy Lou Belcher
                     Response: Yvonne Schumacher Strejcek
           “Iconoclasm as Religious Expression: How Modern Art and Progressive Religion Mirror
                     Each Other” by Mark Belletini
                     Response: Shelley Page
             “Changing the World One Symbol at a Time” by Nana’ Kratochvil
                     Response: Hollis Huston
           “Unitarian Universalist Art: Sacred and De-Sacralized” by Cynthia Landrum
                     Response: Deane Oliva
2012 - Space
"Carl Sagan as a Cosmic Theologian" by Mark Belletini
"To Infinity and Beyond: Space and the Human Imagination" by Susan Smith
"How Astrobiology Informs our Cosmology, or, Why ET Matters" by Dawn Cooley
"Space--Of All Things!?" by Richard Venus
2011 - The Future of Liberalism
2010 - Contemporary Popular Culture
2009 - Poetry
2008 - UU Theologies
2007 - Medical Ethics
2006 - Jesus
2005 - Crime & Punishment
2004 -
2003 - Emerson
2002 - Food
2001 - Postmodernism
2000 - Religious Themes in Literature
1999 - Islam
           "Women of Allah" - Susan Ritchie

1998 - Classism
1997 - UU Traditions
1996 - Death and Dying
1995 -

1994 - African American Literature
           "Coming of Age" - Elizabeth Vaughn Presley
           "'Music going on in my head:' the drama of August Wilson" - Carol Ann Huston

1993 - Evil, Sin, Repentance & Forgiveness
           "Christian theism: theologies in need of a theodicy" - Gordon Gibson. 
                     Response: David L. Herndon
           "A cosmic optimism" - Kirk D. Loadman-Copeland

1992 - Sex
           "Sources of our sexual attitudes" - Ken Phifer. 
                    Response: Judith Marie Smith-Valley.
           "Sexual ethics and the ministry" - Donald T. Marshall. 
                    Response: Emmy Lou Belcher.
           "The fear and excitement of our passion" - A.E. Theisen
           "Sexuality and spirituality" - Joan Kahn-Schneider

1991 - War
           "Is just war an oxymoron?" - Emmy Lou Belcher. 
                    Response: Richard N. W. Ruach.
           "Wargasm" - Larry Hutchinson.
                   Response: Dillman Baker Sorrells
           "War and peace in world religions" - Jacqueline Collins. 
                    Response: Elizabeth A. Parish.
           "Towards a meteorological view of war" - Howard Box.
           "Several perspectives on pacifism" - David L. Herndon. 
                    Response: Bruce J. Johnson.
           "Some UU responses to war" - Ed Harris.  Response: Donald T. Marshall.

1990 - William James
          "The pluralistic universe of William James: faith, belief, or truth?" - Andrew C. Backus
                   Response: Richard N. W. Ruach
          "The varieties of religious experience: human nature and its connection with 'something more'" - Diana Heath
          "Will, belief, and faith: is it true? or does it work?" - Elizabeth A. Parish
          "William James: pragmatism, the cash-value of truth" - Dillman Baker Sorrells
          "William James: a biographical introduction" - Bruce J. Johnson