Ohio River Group




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Founder: The Rev. Calvin Knapp - Honorary Title: "Your Grizzled Eminence"

President: The Rev. Dr. Michael Tino - mtino @ uuma.org

Vice President: The Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

Scribe: The Rev. Carol Huston - revcarol @ earthlink.net

Treasurer: The Rev. Dr. Deane Oliva
Assistant Treasurer: The Rev. Kathryn Bert

Program Committee:
Chair: The Rev. Barbara Child
The Rev. Karen Quinlan
The Rev. Dr. Scott Prinster
The Rev. Chip Roush (1-year term)

Nominating Committee: Ad-hoc committee formed by the President at the beginning of the November gathering.

Arrangements: The Rev. Linda Anderson - revlin23 @ gmail.com

Historian & E-mail Group Manager: The Rev. Dawn Cooley - revdcooley @ gmail.com


Active Members (updated as of 2014 attendance):
* - indicates 2015 attendance

Ackerman, Valerie Mapstone
Andes, Myron
*Anderson, Linda
*Barrington, Jennie
*Belcher, Emmy Lou
Belletini, Mark
*Bert, Kathryn
*Brewin, Roger
Burnette, Andy
, Brian
*Child, Barbara
Cooley, Dawn
*DeBeck, Amy
*Dittmar, Sharon

Doege, Lisa
Evens, Mark
*Friedman, Lisa
*Gage, Emily
*Gibson,  Gordon
Huston, Carol
*Huston, Hollis
*Jafarzadeh, Mitra
Johnson, Bruce
Kratochvil, Nana
*Landrum, Cynthia
*McCarty, Dennis
*Meter, Eric 
*Oliva, Deane

*Page, Shelley
*Presley, Lisa
*Prinster, Scott
*Quinlan, Karen
*Rohm, Kristen
*Roush, Chip
*Shelley, Misty-Dawn
*Silberman-Bunn, Julie Ann
*Smith, Lynda
*Smith, Susan M.
*Strejcek, Yvonne Schumacher
Tino, Michael
Torpey, Catherine
Venus, Richard
Wiltshire, Sian

Inactive (absent for three or more years)

Abernathy, Jay
Herndon, David
Schneider, Joan

Terwilliger, Jill
Theisen, Angeline

Thickston, Jane
Tracy, Denise