Founder | “Your Grizzled Eminence,” The Rev. Calvin Knapp (1925 – 2004)

President | The Rev. Amy DeBeck

Vice President | The Rev. Lane Campbell

Scribe | The Rev. Lisa Friedman

Scribe Emerita | The Rev. Carol Huston

Treasurer & Arrangements | The Rev. Linda Anderson

Assistant Treasurer | The Rev. Chip Roush

Program Committee | 
The Rev. Susan Smith, Chair
The Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart
The Rev. Dr. Michael Tino

Nominating Committee | Ad-hoc

Purposes & Procedures Revision Team |
The Rev. Lane Campbell
The Rev. Cynthia Landrum
The Rev. Lisa Friedman

30th Year Celebration Team |
The Rev. Carol Huston
The Rev. Jennie Barrington

Historian | The Rev. Brian Chenowith