Behold! The Purposes and Procedures have been found! Marvel at their authority!
These procedures have not been updated since October 1993 and the aspects we no longer practice are in red. Enjoy!

1. Purpose

The purpose of ORG is to study thought as it affects religion, religious experience, and the church, in any relevant aspect: science, philosophy, political science, history, and any other. ORG has a special interest in worship, the church, and its ministry.

2. Annual Meeting

It functions primarily through an annual meeting, which has been held in October on the fourth Monday through Thursday after Labor day.

3. Membership

Membership in ORG is open to all ministers affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, interns/students for the UU ministry, and ministers serving Unitarian Universalist churches.

4. Visitors

A minister may contact the scribe to make arrangements to attend and will be welcome one time as a visitor. The following year, if there is an opening, s/he may then choose to become a member and share in the privileges and responsibilities or membership.

5. Emeritus/a Membership

Any members who retires from professional service may subsequently be invited by vote of the membership to assume the status of Member Emeritus/a. Such status carries the benefits of regular membership without the obligations listed in Article 6. Emeritus/a members may assume any of the commitments of regular membership by mutual agreement with the group.

6. Founder

The Rev. Calvin Knapp, Founder of the Ohio River Group, holds special membership with dues waived permanently, and the honorary title, “Your Grizzled Eminence.”

7. Commitments

Members agree to:
– Attend the annual meeting,
– Read the assigned readings,
– Write papers and accept other duties as requested by the program committee. An essayist provide his/her respondent with a copy by August 30 (a draft may suffice) and bring to the meeting sufficient copies for membership, libraries, and file (50 copies).
– Pay annual dues.

8. Confidentiality

Members of ORG are bound by ministerial confidentiality. A reminder of this policy will be made at the start of each annual meeting.

9. Duties of the Program Committee

The program committee:
– Provides a reading list according to the subject chosen by the members,
– Assigns papers and responses to members,
– Assigns Aesthetics to one member, who provides an aesthetic experience for the group, directly or remotely related to the topic,
– Names a Chaplain, who provides worship opportunities for the group conducted either by her/himself or assigned to other members,
– Provides other items needed for the program.

10. Duties of the President

The President:
– Presides at business meetings,
– Appoints moderators for discussions,
– Appoints three members to the nominating committee,
– Performs other duties of his/her office as are required.

11. Duties of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee:
– Brings to the business meeting its recommended candidate for for the following year’s president, and a candidate for one new member of the Program Committee,
– The nominating committee may recommend one or more of its own members to serve in these offices.

12. Duties of the Scribe

The Scribe forwards all mailings that relate to the meetings and the program; make arrangements for a place of meeting as the members direct and receives reservations from them; takes the minutes and keep minimum records for the group. As treasurer, the Scribe receives dues payments and makes disbursements. The group’s funds are held in a separate ORG bank account, and its nonexistent books are not audited nor its treasurer bonded.